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Acoustic Image CLARUS 2 S4plus in MINT condition. Owned by a local Seattle area Pro bassist and close friend of SOUNDISLAND who keeps his gear in beautiful condition. Here is an opportunity to purchase the current production full-featured top-of-the-line CLARUS model and save!

For those others who just want the basic message: The Acoustic Image Clarus2 S4plus offers high fidelity performance for ALL acoustic instruments. Plus with universal power supply it automatically switches to voltages worldwide.

The Clarus S4plus has two independent channels, each of which accepts instrument or mic inputs [onboard 48v phantom for condenser mics] or both!  The EQ section of the CLARUS 2 S4plus features a two band Midrange section for precise control and flexibility over this critical frequency range making the little head even more adaptable to most any musical instrument. It just doesn't get any better than this.

For those who enjoy the specs-and-nothing-but-the-specs:

>Separately buffered XLR and 1/4-inch input jacks
>48v Phantom Power for XLR inputs [switchable on/off]
>10dB gain boost for low output mics 
>4-band EQ section:

......Bass: 50Hz +12dB, shelving type 
......Low-Mid: 250Hz +12dB 
......Hi-Mid: 1200Hz +12dB 
......Treble: 8Kz +12dB, shelving type

>User selectable individual channel features by switching jumper cable inside chassis:
......6dB front end gain cut
......Speaker emulation with Phase Reverse control
......Stereo or Mono preamp output
>Selectable and sweepable low cut filter
......150Hz and below
>Effects loop with Send and Return
......Send also usable as tuner output
......Return also usable as Aux input
>Selectable effects [new program]
......Reverb with variable decay time
......Delay with variable decay time
......Reverb|Delay with variable decay time
>Illuminated selector switches
>DI with Pre or Post selector
......10 dB pad switch
......ground lift switch
>Headphone output
>Limiter [switchable]
>Simulated stereo effects
......requires powered cabinets
>Weight under 5 lbs | 2.3 kilos

But the real story is about SOUND. Acoustic Image has improved fidelity in the S4plus series with more headroom and dropping the self-noise floor to nearly imperceptible.  This makes a noticeable difference in the studio and the sound is transparent even at very high SPLs.

Solid state amplification just doesn't get any better than this. Just buy it!


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