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Stylistic Studies-Non Guitarists


  • Coltrane Changes
    Coltrane Changes
    by Corey ChristiansenCD | book setJohn Coltrane's recording "Giant Steps" introduced a system of chord progressions and chord substitutions that has challenged even the best jazz musicians. The tri-tonic systems (sometimes...
  • Style of Charlie Parker
    Style of Charlie Parker
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setCharlie Parker was arguably one of the most influential jazz musicians to have ever lived. This text presents numerous jazz lines in Charlie's style, grouped by their application in a given...
  • Style of John Coltrane
    Style of John Coltrane
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setSaxophonist John Coltrane was one of the most innovative, creative, and influential jazz artists of the 20th Century. Both stylistically and harmonically, he opened doors for others to follow...
  • Style of Miles Davis
    Style of Miles Davis
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setMiles Davis was one of the most innovative musicians of the 20th century. This book will shed some insight into the music and soloing devices he used during his earlier periods. First, to...

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