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Stylistic Studies-Guitarists


  • Best of Boss Guitar
    Best of Boss Guitar
    as played by Wes MontgomeryIn his brief career, Wes Montgomery completely revolutionized jazz guitar. On the Riverside recording Boss Guitar Wes demonstrates why he is still considered as one of the finest artists of the...
  • Comping the Freddie Green Style
    Comping the Freddie Green Style
    by Corey ChristiansenDVD | book setEvery jazz guitarist needs to be familiar with the accompaniment style of Freddie Green. Freddie Green was the guitarist for the Count Basie orchestra for decades and his sound and comping...
  • Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery
    Guitar Style of Wes Montgomery
    by Adrian IngramDVDAdrian Ingram's detailed examination of Wes Montgomery's unique style is a tour-de-force in the art of jazz guitar. Besides covering the more overt aspects of Montgomery's style, such as thumb and octave...
  • Style of Joe Pass
    Style of Joe Pass
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setPresents hundreds of improvised melodic lines played by Joe Pass. Each of the melodic lines are grouped in the harmonic situation in which they were originally played (i.e. all minor lines...
  • Style of Wes Montgomery
    Style of Wes Montgomery
    by Corey ChristiansenCD|book setWes Montgomery took jazz guitar to a new level when he came to the public's attention in the late 1950's. Known for his fluid lines and his big jazz guitar sound, Wes influenced thousands of...
  • Stylings of Howard Roberts
    Stylings of Howard Roberts
    by Mitch HolderThe Jazz Stylings of Howard Roberts consists of transcriptions of melody, solo, comping examples and ensemble passages from Howard's extensive solo albums spanning from the '50's to the '70's in accurate...

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